The Crooked Spoon

If you didn’t know, The Crooked Spoon Gastropub is actually a pub born of a food truck. Back in 2011, it was one of the first food trucks in Central Florida and, particularly, Downtown Clermont. Once the restaurant found its brick and mortar location adjacent to historic Citrus Tower, the name and logo got their last alterations, and the gastropub you know and love today was born.

After three years on the road Chef Saelg decided to hang up his food truck keys and fulfill a long-time dream and new era for The Crooked Spoon brand. August 2013 marks a significant date for both Chef and his resident community, when he opened the doors to a full-service gastropub in Clermont, Florida. Located adjacent to Clermont’s historic Citrus Tower, the Crooked Spoon’s thousands of Facebook followers and the residents of Lake County finally have their very own neighborhood restaurant to gather and enjoy Chef Saleg’s foodie favorites as well as an expanded bill of fare.